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Social Media Policy

AYB is not in the business of policing freedom of speech. Anyone who wishes to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. is free to do so.

That said, coaches, players, and Program Coordinators are prohibited from posting anything on social media – direct, implied, or otherwise – that could be implied as negative, critical, or derogatory in reference to any specific AYB affiliated individuals and participants. Positive comments are of course fine. This policy applies to coaches, players and parents.

Posting critical comments on officiating on a social media platform is prohibited by anyone affiliated with an AYB team. Put simply, much like professional sports, college sports, or even MIAA (Massachusetts HS sports),commenting on officiating via any media platform (print, electronic, social or otherwise) is prohibited.

Keep in mind, Officials for in-town games are typically HS or College students volunteering time for community service hours. 

First Offense: 1 game suspension.

Second Offense: Dismissal from the league - no refunds.

All punishments are at the discretion of the AYB Board. 
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